Wana Gi

ASPECT: Monitoring AR drone and Matrix feeds


Macawi is, himself, a little shorter for a full ork. If you hadn’t been looking clearly, he would pass for human in a heartbeat. He is toned nicely, and good looking to human eyes. He is starting to show signs of his age, mostly in wrinkles and skin tones. He has very tight and pronounced bone lines in the skull and shoulders. He has deep brown eyes, set back a bit in his head, and a broad nose. He has long hair, with a braid, that is tied back and kept out of his face. He is usually dressed in street clothes, carrying a small knife in a boot sheath. This usually consists of jeans, simple t shirt and leather jacket, with hard work boots. He carries a comlink, hooked to his belt. His eyes shift colors occasionally, or leaving them blank, letting folks know they are cybernetic. He also has a clearly cybernetic hand, with a dull matte finish.

His operational stealth clothing is ruthenium coated ballistic body suit. He carries a holstered sub machine gun and assault rifle, as well as a small assortment of grenades on a belt underneath a seam in the suit.

He walks around confidantly and strong, though not baggardishly. He doesn’t keep an expression most of the time, and seems to have the presence of someone who pays attention to alot of AR windows.


Macawi Two Feather was born to human parents northern NAN territories under Sioux leadership. His father worked as a mine foreman, while his mother died in childbirth, leaving him an only child. He had many strong relationships with his relatives. Every weekend he would get together with his Aunt and Uncle and cousins. He was very close to his cousins, often acting as brothers and sisters. One in particular, Tehan Peta became an inseparable partner in his youth. They both had similar interests and hobbies and did well in school. As all brothers do, from time to time, they fight.

Tehan Peta would get picked on at school. He was a minority human, where the rest were ork blood, including Macawi. One incident was so bad that Macawi waited till after school, drug along Tehan Peta and confronted the bully in his own front lawn. Macawi beat the child bloody for what he had done.

It became clear that Macawi had a vengeful streak. Some of the shamans said that it was the loss of his mother that made him angry, but it was always underneath. He would be happy and normal and a pleasant kid to be around, until you crossed him in a meaningful way.

The two grew up, always discussing their thoughts, especially about politics, where they disagreed completely. They went off to college, both enlisting in Computer Science and Matrix Theory. Both graduated, ranking well in their class. Both received offers right out of college. Tehan Peta was offered quite a sum to go and work for Saeder Krupp in their Matrix Development departments within the NAN while Macawi was offered a job with a NeoNet subsidiary. All of their hackers and technicians were indispensible during 2064 during the Matrix wide fight with Deus and his forces. Macawi was on the front lines, combating IC, defeating Agents and AI and proving a real soldier on the digital landscape.

The Crash of ’64 ended that career quickly. The former Matrix soldier found himself damaged in the fighting of Deus and his minions. Out of work, and mentally damaged from the attack, he became despondent and depressed. It was short lived when a UCAS military recruiter came knocking on his door. They explained they could repair the mental damage, as well as offer him a job. They wanted to give him the ability to be a soldier again, on the front lines. It took him a while, but he accepted. He weighed the risks, and realized that he angry. With a chance to avenge the defeat in ’64, he signed up with the recruiter for special-forces active duty as an augmented insertion hacker. His service was long and honorable, but unfulfilling. Things took a turn when the new American Empire attacked the NAN.

Fighting around Rapid City became very harsh. The populace came out to fight, no more content to let AE troops roam around their lands. Even though they were armed with basic firearms, the proved tenacious opponents. Macawi couldn’t help but feel some remorse, but these people knew the risks. They came out knowing they would die. Two members of his squad were killed in an IED attack at the city center and Macawi, himself, lost his left hand. The fighting got uglier. Macawi, outside of orders fought the insurgents, finding groups, families, and eliminating combatants. Families were lost, countrymen and tribe mates killed by his hand.

Communications had been jammed in the evening. The local nodes had their communication protocols rewritten in almost record time. A quick trace led Macawi and his squad to insurgents in a Sioux National Museum. The fighting was harsh and personal. Macawi himself dropped his matrix connection and let his drones wait for commands to open fire on these operation-screwing delusionals. Finally he found the hacker responsible for the disruption and casualties it caused. Tehan Peta was hunkered down behind a set of pillars, ducking in cover while others fired on his team. Macawi leaped up from his position, firing bursts into the spotters and scouts. With careful, deliberate, angry movements he steadily walked forward as debris and ricochet fluttered around him. Three more fell over as Tehan Peta drew his sidearm. With rage filled eyes, Macawi panted, ripping the hood of his stealth suit off. Before there was a chance to respond, Macawi unloaded the rest of his clip into the hacker. His brother lay dead at his feet.

He dropped his weapon and walked away. Walked away from everything, the AE, the fighting, his team and his dying family. With some careful work, he burned his records, with barely a whisper from the higher ups about why he left, or even noticing that he was gone. He was looking for a new place, at least someplace where he could rethink things, remake his life, and start over. He set up a small shop with some leftover money from his soldiering days, working and repairing drones, though he had little skill in doing it. He looks for work, throwing himself into dangerous situations in hopes to pay off some of the vast debt he owed his brother for his terrible mistake. Every now and again his streak gets the better of him, but it is something he is desperately trying to fix, in the hopes that he can save other people from suffering the same fate as his tribesmen.

Wana Gi

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