Saying Roscoe looks a bit homely is being far to generous. Roscoe is pretty damn ugly, mumps, moles, a discolored eye and more than one missing tooth. His beard is noticeably dark, but it is not sure if it is natural hair color, or it is just matted with filth and dirt, along with filthy hands and nails, personal maintenance is pretty low on his list of things to do. He is, however, physically imposing, despite his small stature. Roscoe is highly muscular all over his body, due to a lifetime of huntin’, travelin’, and wrasslin’.

For the most part, Roscoe just wears whatever he can find, torn clothes, old really doesn’t matter. Underneath his clothing, however, is an urban jumpsuit…although it is never clear where he got it…he tells the story differently every time. He also has a bike helmet too in which he found as extra “protectin of da noggin.” Roscoe also carries around his backpack…which he carries around everything he owns in his life…


Roscoe is from a nomad family from the Louisiana Bayous. For as long as he remembered, they’ve been hunting and roaming around, much out of the way of most civilization. It was about a month ago where he arrived to Seattle, for reasons much unknown due that he claims a different scenario each time. After picking up some gear from various locations, he is looking to make a name for himself, among the land of city-slickers.


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