Ricardo Roday Sanchez

Magi Private Eye


Standing at average height for a human, Ricardo Sanchez is a young man of Hispanic descent, brandishing darker skin, hair, and eyes. He is of decent build, someone that is physically active. Short hair normally styled and spiked, dark piercing eyes, and tanned skin. He is usually is unshaven, riddled with stubble on his face.

Ricardo is often wearing an overcoat with casual wear under the coat, casual slacks, buttoned shirt, nice shoes. On the job, he trades in his overcoat for an armored jacket. Ricardo only carries 2 weapons on him, a Defiance EX Shocker Taser and a Ruger Super hawk. Ricardo, however, only uses non-lethal ammunition. He keeps his comlink of his arm, for easy access.


Ricardo Roday Sanchez was born to a fairly well to do family in Seattle. With both parents working at Knights Errant, Ricardo grew up rather uneventfully along with his younger brother Diego, both of them planned to follow behind their parents and go into security services and law enforcement. Things change, and they did one day 7 years ago when Diego vanished without a trace. Although measures were taken through normal means to find Diego, when they were exhausted, Ricardo decided to take things into his own hands.

Ricardo has been on a near obsessive search for his brother, dominating his life. He decided not to go into Knights Errant, believing they would be to ineffective in his efforts. Instead he opened up his own Private Eye firm out of his crappy apartment, believing this would be a possible way to find clues to his missing brother, his only remaining contact being with a family friend, the local police captain. With no other means to find his brother, Ricardo is willing to do anything to find his brother, often trading his skills for any information about the location of his brother. He has even been known to do runs, often acting as a non-combative operative, but when forced into combat he is known to use non-lethal weapons only. This along with general avoidance of combat, he often adopts aliases such as; “Boy Scout”, “Samaritain”, and “Do-Gooder.”

During year 2076, Ricardo was contacted by some Shadowrunners that he has worked with in the past. With their former contacts going missing at an alarming rate, his former comrades wanted Ricardo to find these contacts. He was unsuccessful in finding any alive, except one, an Adept Master who wished to remain in hiding. In exchange for the silence of his location, he agreed to teach Ricardo how to use mana, becoming an adept himself. Convinced that these new powers could speed up his search for his lost brother, Ricardo did not think twice in agreeing to this deal. The end result made his reflexes faster, sharpened his senses, and gave him a greater presence. More determined than ever, he set off to find his brother once more…

Unfortunately, 2 years passed, and Ricardo has made no progress in his search. Like many of his leads, most of his new leads were all dead ends. Despite this, Ricardo is not discouraged. He will not stop until he knows what happened to his brother all those years ago. Now armed with a possible lead on his brotehr, Ricardo sets out to find the AI OMEGA, alone…

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Ricardo Roday Sanchez

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