Four years after the disaster aboard El Bob Rife’s ship, the Sixth World has drastically changed. Aztechnology, Saeder-Krupp, Ares, Horizon, and Wuxing Inc have all shifted places in the megacorp world. The NAN has just been demolished by the newly formed American Empire, while corporations and shadowrunners strive to deal with newly imposed drone restrictions. The timeline has not been kind to some, and extremely fortuitous to others. Shadowrunners struggle to find work after their centralized networking service, shadow.NET, was shutdown and their contacts hunted down by either runners looking to corner the market, or megacorp hit squads. With the balance of power shifting to national governments, conspiracy theorist around the globe attempt to make sense of all this. Welcome to the new Sixth World.

For the Players:
In an attempt to streamline things, we will be using current day Google Earth . The reasoning behind this, since everyone has a laptop it will be easy for everyone to look at maps while sitting there without having to slow the game down. Also, please be sure to add in a background story for your character. Extra points will be given out at 5:30 P.M. EST the night of the first game for players who add in flavor. Points will be awarded on a case-by-case basis, and will be private messaged to you prior to the start of the first session. Also, Matt found Chummer a 4th Ed Shadow Run character creator. You may want to look into that. A final difference in the game, I will be using the “aspect” system. Although it provides no additional dice, you may chose to inform me, on your character sheet here, what you are doing when not actively participating. Click here for an example and full rules.

I will also be adding several “sites” in which players can browse for rumors, news, and work. Once they are populated they will be available to be viewed by the players. As the game progresses, different sites may be added, some taken down, and information updated. Check back often to stay up to date on information pertaining to in-game events.

Finally, I will be PMing certain information to players, rather than saying it out loud. This will allow the players, if they so choose, to retain some information to themselves. Please check here for further information.

Operation: Reclamation

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