First Company

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As we all know, recently the UCAS and CAS came back together to form the American Empire. That, in and of itself, wasn’t too surprising. What is surprising, is the shakedown of the NAN, and how quickly it happened. How is it, two countries that just got back together, had enough logistical support to crush a country that just 60 years earlier did the same to them? Easy answer, the First Company. With the whole shadow.NET thing going on, shadowrunners had some problems finding work. Not that big of a deal either, it’s happened before. But the new American Empire saw an opportunity here. Thousands of well trained individuals looking for money, a huge influx in tax revenue from the whole corporate nuke incident, and a war that needed to be fought.

Being a former shadowrunner myself, most of the time we don’t ask questions. Someone tells us to do something, and it gets done. Granted, the details are sorted out, but who, and why it’s happening is generally irrelevant. Now imagine this, teams that had worked together for awhile now have no money. All of a sudden, a Johnson comes to you and says “Hey, all I need you to do is go to this place in NAN, and when we tell you too, just cause some damage.” Generally speaking, the runners may have been more apprehensive about this, but hey, money is money. And not only is it money, but it gets better. Let’s say not only do they offer you this, but give you a huge, upfront, sum of money and tell you that they have you on retainer for a few runs. Not only that, they will erase your criminal SIN and give you a nice new shiny one for you and your family. The only downside? You can’t hit a list of blacklist targets.

It sounds like a great deal, and it is. The American Empire instantly gained the skills of thousands of people whose job it had previously been to infiltrate, destroy, and kill opposition. Now they just had to do a few jobs, get a nice sum of cash (did I mention upfront?), and the only stipulation was something that might not even come into play since corporations were having some issues finding runners.

This leads us to the title “First Company”. These group of shadowrunners planted across the NAN were referred to as the First Company in a few documents. When the time was right, the White House signaled for them to begin, and suddenly the NAN was fighting an insurgent war from within its borders it didn’t know anything about. It didn’t take much time for some of these psychopaths to rack up huge kill counts. They struck civillian targets, military targets, police, corporations, anything they could get their hands on. The NAN had a simple choice. Either try to weed out every last runner in their nation, which corporations and nations had been trying to do for sometime, or surrender knowing that the might of the new American Empire military was about to augment the runner force inside.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, the American Empire government is still doing it. They will never admit to it, but they still hire runners under contracts. Same deal, lots of money, SIN, all that good stuff. The American Empire limits your choices on who you can run against, sure, but with the amount of money they’re paying, some people get out of the biz right after. Watch it though, having a SIN means they have your DNA on file. It can become a leash if they want it to be. From what I’ve been told, this hasn’t been much of an issue except for the worst of the worst. But if the AE government was this forward thinking with gobbling up shadowrunners, who knows what they have in store for you in the future. Just be careful.

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First Company

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