Aztech Nukes

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Where do we begin on this? Let’s start with the most obvious. Aztechnology never had any nukes. No mega does. Reason being, there is no point to it. Nation states use it as a deterrent, what could a corp use it for other than bringing unnecessary attention to itself. Remember, as much as they would like you to believe they control your lives, they are totally dependent on people spending money on their products. If it turns out that Aztechnology, or any mega for that matter, was carrying a nuke they would be fucked.

Let’s go through the whole chain of events, assuming it wasn’t spun the way it was. Mega A is legitimately found with a nuclear weapon of some sort. Since the awakening they haven’t had quite the same yield as before, but they are still very…very large. I know, I saw one. Now, Mega A all of a sudden is teetering on a public relations nightmare. All the other Mega’s are now threatened because Mega A has a nuke, which means they could wipe out their HQ with a single button push. They go to the corporate court up in Zurich. Now here is where the corp really gets hosed. Either they will order the rumored Omega Order on the corp, ending its existence entirely by any means necessary . Why do that though? The corp would begin to tank as the other mega’s try their hardest to make the corp look bad. Stocks plummet. Then all the other corps gobble it up, and the rich get richer.

And what does Aztechnology have to gain with a nuke? Military might? If the UCAS and CAS never came back together, both of those nations have more nukes then they know what to do with. So you can’t use it against a nation-state, and you can’t use it against another corp. So…no reason, right? Now the media has been telling you it’s because they were “trying to set someone up” but that’s what this was. A giant setup. The AE knew exactly what they were doing. All those talks were in negotiation long before this happened, and they needed a catalyst to push it altogether.

When you’re looking for a “soft” target, you hit someone who people don’t like. Runners, in general, hate Aztechnology. Their money is just as green as anyone’s, or so the cliche goes. Runners would still take jobs for them, but it was always with careful consideration. With the whole “nuke” incident, it gave people a reason, and a entity to lash out against.

Just watch out guys. You know what governments are capable of, and this was a massive string pull by them. The AE might seem like a benevolent entity compared to the mega’s, but they’re just as shady.

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Aztech Nukes

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