Ares Supremacy

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November 22nd, 2074. The day Ares fell into the hands of the AE government. At that time it was still the (U)CAS government, but we know better here. Everything that happened between then, and now, points to cooperation between the AE and Ares. It makes sense, Ares tries to promote itself as the “American” company. They were always, relatively, nice to their employees. Runners had no general issues with them. They sold guns, armor, tanks, jets, and drones to the (U)CAS governments. It makes sense that they were somewhat intertwined.

The government and Ares have always been close, but the real game changer happened on March 17, 2075. (U)CAS officials demanded entry to a facility that was not included on an inspection list. Aztechnology representatives were within their right to deny entry to the government inspectors. A non-Aztechnology then blindly opened fire on the inspectors. Bad mistake, being on Aztechnology property and all. Oddly enough, two things happened in quick session.

The (U)CAS governments have a contingency plan for Extraterritorial issues. Remember that whole Renraku thing? Eventually the UCAS government suspended the extraterritorial rights of Renraku and stormed the arcology. That incident, however, took weeks to unravel. Many media members claim it was because it was never done before (which is a lie, it’s been done a few times against a few A corps) and this time the paperwork was “predone” for each facility the inspectors were going to. Even if that was the case, it took less than an hour to get all the permissions and paperwork done to revoke all the facility extraterritorial rights. Even if that was the case, there is a much larger issue.

Knight’s Errant, an Ares subsidiary, owns the police force in Seattle. In a “green zone”, where all the rich people live, it takes 6 minutes for a squad car to respond. It takes 27 minutes for a well armed polie force to arrive. For what they call “special response units” it could take up to 2 hours. It took Ares special response units 15 minutes to respond to the Aztechnology incident. From takeoff to the facility, it is a 11 minute flight from the nearest Ares facility. This would have to mean that they were already mobilized. Strange, yes.

Then there is the NAN incident. Ares didn’t land any troops, that is true, but who had the ability to help smuggle in thousands of people? Ares claimed that with their new S.T.E.P. program they had a huge influx of employees. The NAN offices needed more people, and thus shuttled nearly 10,000 people into the NAN between September 2076 and April 2078. For those keeping track, September 2076 was a full year before the AE reunified. That means that Ares and the (U)CAS governments knew about this whole setup before it all went down, and knew how it was going to go down. Clever girl.

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Ares Supremacy

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