American Empire

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The AE, new power of the Sixth World. At least more powerful than the U/CAS was separately. It was only a matter of time before all this went down, but there is a little awkwardness to how it happened.

The AE was in discussion with it’s previous parts prior to that whole Aztechnology incident. Not surprising, it was rumored that discussions had been going on since 2070. We also know, that a combined U/CAS force would have drastically changed the whole political landscape. And we know that the governments have combined services, agencies, and revenue, cutting down overhead, which in turn creates more money. Why wait?

The answer, believe it or not, is simple. It’s always the answer in the Sixth World: money. Operating under the assumption that Aztechnology was setup by the AE, it makes sense. The destruction of Extraterritorial Rights for an entire year forced several corporations to pay higher taxes, individually to each nation, essentially doubling the income.

Simple, straight to the point. This whole thing was about money and cutting overhead. Now that the AE with it’s combined might, can hit the Megas with real taxation laws.

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American Empire

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