Aug, 2074:
Cult based on an old aircraft carrier reaches population of 58,000, largest cult in existence.

Oct, 2074:
Four shadowrunner teams are sent aboard by AAA megacorp council to deal with cult. Teams successfully infiltrate ship and destroy cult, however cause a nuclear device to go off killing everyone aboard including two shadowrun teams.

Nov, 2074:
12th- Third Night of Rage occurs, open riots against megacorps, most specifically Wuxing Inc and Aztechnology, after information is leaked that they cause the nuclear explosion.

14th- UCAS and CAS sign nonaggression pact admits citizen reaction to megacorp possession of nuclear arms.

22nd- UCAS and CAS agencies both appeal to corporate court to allow nuclear inspections to take place of corporate weapon locations. Several AAA corporations deny the request, however Ares inexplicably allows request.

Dec, 2074:
2nd- UN releases statement supporting the rights of a government to inspect corporate weapon holds. Corporate court releases that it currently is hearing the case.

23rd- The UCAS/CAS governments compromise with the corporate court, indicating that only those involved in the Seattle incident would be required to be searched. Aztechnology, Wuxing Inc, Ares, and Horizon are all authorized to be investigated.

Jan, 2075:
1st- Corporate court sets date for weapon inspections to begin to March 1st, 2075.

14th- Ares Corporation search is complete with aid of UCAS/CAS inspectors. Ares was found to be of no fault during the Seattle explosion. Ares named to UCAS/CAS inspection team.

Feb, 2075:
Ares unmanned drone finds shadowrunners smuggling two small briefcases into Aztechnology safe house. UCAS raid discovers two briefcase nuclear devices, however finds no traces of shadowrunner teams.

Mar, 2075:
1st- Nuclear inspection teams enter Aztechnology extraterritorial land in UCAS and CAS territory.

17th- Aztechnology guards open fire on CAS soldiers while securing a perimeter in Raleigh, NC. After a long firefight, Ares, UCAS, and CAS soldiers are able to suppress Aztechnology forces and gain control of the weapons testing facility. CAS revokes extraterritorial rights of Aztechnology of weapons testing facility and use imminent domain to seize control. Although no nuclear devices are found, two spell rituals that were undergoing testing indicated that a nuclear type of spell was being developed.

May, 2075:
Corporate court, attempting to seize power for their parent companies, revoke extraterritorial rights from Aztechnology in North America for one year, placing all Aztechnology under CAS or UCAS authority and subject to their laws.

July, 2075:
After years of abuse from Aztechnology, shadowrunners from all over the world jump on the opportunity to attack weakened targets of the corporation. Shadowrunner prices bottom out as Aztechnology takes record losses from the shadows. CAS and UCAS forces sit idly by and make it difficult for Aztechnology to acquire reinforcements to key facilities.

Nov, 2075:
Reestablishment of the European Union.

Dec, 2075:
2nd- Shadow.NET is attacked by megacorp hackers, bringing the site offline for nearly two weeks.

23rd- Celebrating the year anniversary of government and corporate cooperation, Wuxing Inc unveils that it will unconditionally allow inspections of key weapons facilities.

31st- UCAS/CAS inspectors arrive at Wuxing Inc facilities.

Jan, 2076:
12th- Shadow.NET indicates that their service is fully back online, with nearly 9,000 of its previous 13,000 user profiles considered “missing”.

14th- In a completely unexpected move, it is leaked that UCAS/CAS diplomats are speaking on “permanent world changing issues”.

27th- Wuxing Inc found to have no illegal weapons, although questions are raised about information gathering techniques.

Feb, 2076:
13th- UCAS/CAS officially announce that reunification talks are in process, unknown timeframe on when such talks may conclude.

15th- Six AA corporations come forward and indicate that the use of microdrones, and twelve hackers broke into Shadow.NET to delete runner profiles.

17th- Catholic church begins inquiry into use of microdrones to spy on several of their facilities.

18th- Corporate Court denies the sanctioned use of microdrones to spy on government and other organization facilities. Also denies any involvement of AAA corporations in the destruction of shadow.NET profiles.

Mar, 2076:
2nd- Groundbreaking news report indicates shadowrunners, without the aid of a centralized networking system, struggle to find work. Well known shadowrunner contacts are mysteriously disappearing or winding up dead, which causes many contacts to go into hiding.

14th- UCAS/CAS announce record tax returns as AAA corporations, which were previously exempt from normal taxation rules, file their first tax returns.

17th- As a followup to the months earlier news report, news outlets find a connection to a string of murders, and the remaining shadowrunners on shadow.NET.

18th- In response to the news reports, shadow.NET shuts down its servers for an undisclosed period of time.

May, 2076:

2nd- Extraterritorial rights restored to UCAS/CAS divisions of Aztechnology.

15th- Inspection of Horizon weapon facilities begin.

July, 2076:

3rd- UCAS/CAS joint project announced to alleviate pressures of poorer citizens. The Holtz Act will amnesty all those without legal SINs, and give them one if desired.

14th- UCAS/CAS press conference indicates that all SINs will be used across both countries, creating a single identification database.

16th- Ares announces that it will no longer use a corporate identification number, but will instead default to the UCAS/CAS SIN system.

Sept, 2076:

Ares announces that it will be offering a new S.T.E.P system for employees looking to leave their current place of business. The Script Transfer Exchange Plan allows employees only with corporate script from their former company, and exchange it for local currency.

Nov, 2076:

TerraFirst! claims that a “never before seen” attack is coming to a target no one expects. Date set for November 5, 2077.

Dec, 2076:

2nd- UCAS FCC issues a 398 page document outlining the Wuxing Inc use of micro reconnaissance drones. FCC plans on filing charges against Wuxing Inc to Federal District Court, however, does not indicate that it will be filing charges with the Corporate Court.

14th- FCC brings case to Federal Court for a preliminary hearing. Wuxing Inc lawyers do not attend.

31st- CNN poll indicates that nearly 74% of all corporate citizens in North America now hold UCAS or CAS citizenship, up from only 47% a year earlier.

Jan, 2077:

UCAS vs Wuxing Inc begins court case. Corporate lawyers appear for first time since hearings began.

Feb, 2077:

Ares Knight’s Errant takes over several other cities law enforcement duties from Lone Star.

Mar, 2077:

12th- Wuxing Inc found to be not guilty on abusing tapping laws designed for law enforcement officers. However, in an outrage, UCAS and CAS congress’ move to outlaw the use of micro drones for non-authorized users.

13th- Sandra Bielman, Corporate Court seat for Saeder-Krupp, is assassinated on her way back to the Zurich-Orbital LEO station.

17th- With the newly struggling shadowrunners looking for pay, Saeder-Krupp is swamped with reports of knowledge of the attack.

April, 2077:

Saeder-Krupp launches a string of attacks on Shiawase, another AAA corporation. Shiawase issues a handful of counter-attacks, aimed at “getting even.”

Jun, 2077:

As the Saeder-Krupp and Shiawase conflict continues to escalate, shadowrunners find their way back into the game. Both companies appeal to the Corporate Court to sanction the other.

July, 2077:

UCAS/CAS congress’ both pass legislation outlawing the use of microdrones by civilians.

Aug, 2077:

3rd- Corporate Court orders a cease and desist order to both Saeder-Krupp and Shiawase. Shiawase, feeling as though their honor was stained, still continues to send shadowrunners at Saeder-Krupp.

22nd- After four years of negotiations, UCAS and CAS officials announce that a reunification vote will be brought up to all state governments.

24th- Saeder-Krupp and Shiawase reach cease-fire agreement in Corporate Court.

Sept, 2077:

Ares announces largest growth in annual shareholder reports.

Oct, 2077:

Horizon found to be clean of all nuclear weapons.

Nov, 2077:

5th- NeoNET Atlanta is hit by TerraFirst! A biotech facility just outside the city is totally destroyed by ritual magic, causing medical waste to pollute a 8 mile radius from the blast.

17th- Reunification of the new American Empire passes.

19th- First meeting of the American Empire House and Senate begin.

21st- The EU, UN, and AE all issue orders of inspection on the facility that was blown up near Atlanta.

23rd- NeoNET sues several nations, claiming that their extraterritorial rights excluded them from inspections.

Dec, 2077:

AE announces new “world shattering” changes to its military forces. Pacific and Atlantic fleets are put on high alert. Air bases around the nation are put in a “full-ready” mode.

Jan, 2078:

NeoNET vs American Empire goes to the Supreme Court.

Feb, 2078:

Ghostwalker commends the new American Empire able to reach out to solve their differences, but warns new country about attacks on Denver.

Mar, 2078:

NAN facilities are struck hard by dozens of groups of shadowrunners. Throughout the month, NAN suffers significant physical and virtual losses.

April, 2078:

3rd- The new American Empire declares war on the NAN, stating that their previous defeat was no longer a singular advantage, and American citizens would no longer be oppressed by NAN government officials.

12th- Daniel Howling Coyote is assassinated on his way to a large tribal meeting.

16th- News reports indicate that there are “several thousand” troops already within the heart of NAN territory causing destruction and panic.

21st- General Adams declares the second “Great Ghost Dance War” a victory.

May, 2078:

NAN surrenders to the AE.

June, 2078:

1st- The game begins….


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