Boz Nightsong


Boz Nightsong has the typical tall and lithe stature of elves, standing 6-foot-4 and weighing about 160 pounds. He usually wears his fine, long auburn-colored hair in a tight braid. A native of Tir Tairngire, Boz has a dark brown tribal tattoo down his left cheek between his eye and ear, as well as tattoos down his left arm and across his back. His toned physique is a holdover from his time in the elves’ version of the military.

With his striking facial features, sharp green eyes and fit body, Boz embraces the stereotype of elves as “different and beautiful.” He has the slightly haughty nature of an elf, a characteristic that has been somewhat tempered after several years in Seattle — a much more integrated society than that of Tir Tairngire. He has worked with all metatypes on whatever jobs come his way, so his disdain for humans, dwarves, orks and trolls has receded, and he has become much more accepting and tolerant. He stills views elves as superior, but his time in the shadows has him given a newfound, yet grudging, respect for the skills other metatypes bring to the job.

In social situations away from the shadows, Boz dresses casually but as nicely as he can afford. He is outgoing and charismatic, yet somewhat guarded when it comes to his past. He generally enjoys the nightlife and social environments. On the job, however, his demeanor hardens, and Boz morphs into a no-nonsense sort, with his military background taking over.


Born in 2011, the Year of Chaos, as part of the UGE, Bozlee Nightsong was the first son of ultraconservative Catholic parents in northern California. Needless to say, his birth was quite the surprise to his strictly religious mother and father. They immediately shunned young Boz and shipped him off to an orphanage, even before Pope John Paul IV publicly denounced metahumans as abominations in the eyes of God. At 17, he left the orphanage and struck out on his own, and after a year or so of living off the land and scraping by (often just barely), Boz found a place among the newly-formed Sinsearach tribe of elves in southern Washington.

Once among the Sinsearach, Boz took the surname Nightsong and, though still quite young and searching for direction in his life, took to helping the newly-formed tribe develop its defense force. Boz warmed to the military’s order and discipline, aspects that had been lacking during his childhood in the orphanage. He quickly discovered an aptitude for firearms and became a bit of a crack shot with a sniper rifle. A few years after his arrival in the tribe, he was able to put his new skills to good use when, in 2035, the Sinsearach seceded from the NAN and formed Tir Tairngire. When the Salish-Shidhe sent troops to deal with the “rebels,” Boz was on the front lines of Tir Tairngire’s efforts to repel the invaders.

Boz was commissioned as an officer for his heroics in repelling the Salish-Shidhe forces and settled into the military routine. Based in Portland, Boz led a small platoon along the northern border of Tir Tairngire. His platoon’s main objective was the security of the Tairngire-Salish border from Portland west to the Pacific coast. Boz ably commanded his platoon in occasional border skirmishes with Salish troops and other rogue forces. Boz continued to receive commendations for his service keeping the border secure, preferring to lead his men on the ground rather than taking command positions away from the action.

In 2075, Boz led a covert operation into southern Salish territory to deal with what he and his men believed was a rogue group planning to wreak havoc along the border. When the strike team reached the facility, however, it was ambushed by Salish forces. Casualties were extensive, and only Boz and three others managed to escape. They spent almost two weeks evading the Salish forces on their way back to Portland. The ambush shook Boz, and he had a very hard time getting over the deaths of so many of his men. A few months after the attack, Boz, with permission from the military and the Council of Princes, was discharged from the service with the intention of uncovering the truth about the ambush. That was the diplomatic intention; his real intention, however, was simple vengeance.

Convinced that the Salish-Shidhe higher-ups were responsible for the ambush in some form, Boz made his way to Seattle. His intentions and skills made it easy to slip into the shadows once there, his knowledge of firearms in particular. He does any job that comes his way, often in exchange for information about Salish politics and/or military tactics — anything that could help him find out the truth of the ambush that killed his men or Salish intentions along the Tir Tairngire border. Three years into his mission, he has only been able to piece together small bits of information, but he remains steadfast in his belief that somebody is up to something and it will not be good for his elven brethren.

Boz Nightsong

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